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Terms & Conditions

 These terms and conditions apply to makeup services provided by Kimberly Fosher to you. Upon booking a makeup application with Kimberly Fosher, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.
A $50 deposit is required to book a date. This deposit is non-refundable but will be credited towards
Travel fees. All Deposits must be paid within one week after makeup trial has been completed to guarantee your booking. Remaining balance is due on the day of after each individual has had their makeup completed by Kimberly. Prices do not include gratuity.  


Make Up Appointment

(All makeup appointments and bridal trials require a $50 deposit, and a minimum of 48 hours to cancel or
reschedule your booking, otherwise your deposit will be charged as a cancellation fee.
If no deposit is taken at the time of booking your makeup appointment, then a cancellation fee still
applies if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.)

Any request for staying on to do touch up services will be subject to a fee of $50/hr.
4 person minimum required for the day of your wedding. Should the services you choose total less than the minimum, your total will be rounded up to meet the required minimum.


If a count of makeup applications is finalized a few weeks before the wedding day and Kimberly shows up on this day and is informed that the agreed upon count is not met, there will also be a charge for each individuals cost of what their makeup services would have been.

Mileage is only charged for one way. For example: If you are 27 miles away from me you are only charged the $40.00 fee once.

    If for any reason I am unable to complete your booking, it is my responsibility to source and secure a replacement artist of the same ability / qualifications / skill level.


A separate confirmation letter will be sent with all the details

Shortly after your trial you will be given a wedding contract. The wedding contract is a legal binding contract and once signed will also mean you have read these terms and conditions and accepted them.  

Freshly cleansed face is ideal ( makeup free, no heavy moisturizers, eye creams, or products containing SPF).

I have kits full of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier etc. cosmetics.
If you normally wear makeup, please feel free to bring it with you and we can do a mixture of your products with mine if you so choose.

Wedding Day

If the travel time is more than 3 hours drive each way, overnight accommodation may be a required. The cost of accommodation is to be covered by the client .The time that Kimberly arrives to you will depend on what time you need to be ready, and may have other bookings after yours, please be ready for service at the designated time to allow a smooth service.

If you are not having us to make up the entire Bridal party, any of our products are not to be touched or used by those choosing not to take part in service. A designated area is needed, including a ( preferably) large table, high stool or chair and natural

Please advise on parking instructions for location.
If parking is not free on site, then the parking fee is to be covered by the client. 


Cash, Check or Venmo is accepted.
Checks to be made payable to "Kimberly Fosher" 
**A $30 charge will be added to the original payment for any cancelled checks**



In circumstances when parking fees apply, the client will be required to cover the charges when makeup
services are being conducted, for example hotel parking, meter parking valet parking.  

Personal Information

Kimberly Fosher requires information on whether the client has allergies. In no event shall Kimberly
Fosher have any liability for incidental, or consequential damages however characterized, for example eczema, sensitive skin and eyes.  


Kimberly Fosher reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of our make-up applications, and may use any such photographs for promotional and/or commercial purposes - only with your written consent, of course!  


It is the responsibility of the client(s) / original enquirer, to understand, agree and be held responsible for all booking conditions, including active communication, payment and notification of a cancellation and understanding the consequences.

In order to ensure that potential/other clients of Kimberly Fosher Makeup Artist are not compromised by any current/booked client’s indecision/ lack of confirmation, any cancellation of a
booking by you will incur the following fees:

• Up to 3 months prior to the date – None
• 3 months – 2 weeks prior to the date, 50% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation email.
• 2 weeks prior to the day and under, 100% of the booked amount quoted on your booking confirmation email
+ 20% of total booking Late fee.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that Kimberly Fosher Makeup Artist receives your written rescheduling/cancellation. Failure to do so will incur the fees as above. A cancellation is only confirmed when the re-issued receipt from Kimberly Fosher Makeup Artist has been received via email.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Makeup will be completed to client’s satisfaction, but is not to exceed allotted makeup time. Ample time is given for each makeup upon booking. Acceptance of completed makeup application by client is acknowledgement by client that makeup is done to his/her satisfaction.  

*These T&C are subject to change without notice.

Click here for a printable PDF version

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